Led by founder Mead Quin’s own fine arts background, we work to bring each client’s creative essence to the forefront, resulting in authentic spaces reflective of personal taste and lifestyle. This client-focused philosophy drives our design process, helping to produce easily lived-in spaces adorned with high-quality items to be appreciated for years to come.

Everyday Simplicity
Our daily lives are often filled with complexities and unexpected stress. We believe you should find solace and comfort inside your home through clean, clutter-free spaces. Our functional, yet beautiful solutions are designed to meaningfully enhance your every day.

Genuine Authenticity
Styles and trends come and go, but ultimately what speaks to you stays. We work closely with our clients to uncover their own personal aesthetic to ensure the space we design feels right for them for years to come.

High-Quality Focus
We take time to source, create, or build quality materials, maximizing your investment and bettering our impact on the environment. We seek items that hold their form and beauty over time or even improve with age as they settle into your home and become part of your daily life and personal story.