At the beginning, we ask a lot of questions, take a lot of photos, and have a lot of conversations—all with the intention of understanding your project goals, tastes, and needs. We meet in person, talk on the phone, and trade emails to get to know you and better tailor the design experience for you.

Once we understand your goals, we develop overall design concepts, space plans, and budget estimates to lay the groundwork for the fun design work ahead.

Design Development
Here’s where the creativity flows. We finalize floor plans; determine finishes and architectural features; and select fabric, furniture, lighting, accessories, and art that best fit within your taste, timeline and budget.

Purchase and Project Management
Worker bees get busy gathering selections and collecting the tools necessary to transform your space. The items are properly stored until it’s time for installation.

This is where all the conversations, creativity, and collecting come together. Our team oversees the delivery of goods, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. This phase often also includes accessorizing—what we call frosting, the final layer and finishing touch.